Atari 800XL

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Atari 800XL
The Atari 800XL
Year Introduced: 1983
Form Factor: Microcomputer
Word Size: 8 bits
Clock Speed: 1.79MHz
CPU: MOS 6502
Physical Address Size: 64KB
Operating System: Built-in BASIC, and Atari DOS
Predecessor(s): Atari 800

The Atari 800XL replaced the earlier 800 model. One difference is that the 800XL is a single-board construction while the 800 had two internal boards and by 1983 that had become too costly to produce. The 800XL also came with 64KB of RAM (the 800 had 48KB of RAM), in addition to 24KB of ROM. The 600XL and 800XL models were the first Atari computers with BASIC in ROM.

The Atari 800XL introduced a new high-speed expansion bus called "Parallel Bus Interface" or PBI.

Built-in connectors:

The Atari 800Xl had a good quality real keyboard instead of the cheap membrane keyboard of some other models.