CI750 Computer Interconnect Interface

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The CI750 Computer Interconnect Interface is the CI interface for the CPU/Memory Interconnect (CMI) bus of the VAX-11/750.

It connects to one CI node directly, or to multiple CI nodes using the SC008 Star Coupler.

It consists of:

  • The CMI card L0009 - VAX-11/750 CCI (CMI Cluster Interconnect Module), that is placed into the VAX-11/750 CMI backplane.
  • The CIPA (CI Port Adapter) Unit, made of:
    • H9542 - 40" Medium System Cabinet Kit, containing:
      • 70-20407 - CIPA Power Supply
      • xx-xxxxx - CIPA Mounting Box (DEC part number still unknown), containing:
        • 54-15555 - CIPA Backplane, containing:
          • L0100 - ILI (I Link Interface Module), or
          • L0118 - ILI (I Link Interface Module) for up to 32 Nodes
          • L0101 - IPB (I Packet Buffer Module)
          • L0400 - CDP (Data Path Module)

The CI750 uses the same CIPA (CI Port Adapter) as the CIBCI - VAXBI CI Interface, 1st generation

The L0009 in the VAX-11/750 and the CIPA are connected using the 70-19602 - L0009 to CIPA Cable.

CI750 revisions are covered in the VAX-11/750 & VAX-11/751 Revision Control document.

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