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The CIBCA-A is the VAXBI to CI Interface, 2nd Generation Adapter for the VAXBI VAX Computers.

It connects to one CI node directly, or to multiple CI nodes using the SC008 Star Coupler.

It consists of two VAXBI cards:

  • The CIBCA Port Controller Card T1015
  • The CIBCA Link/Packet Buffer Card T1025

The CIBCI was superseded by the CIBCA-B - VAXBI CI Interface, 3rd generation in 1988

Differences compared to the 1st Generation CI Adapter for the VAXBI VAX Computers

  • No more:
    • CIPA (CI Port Adapter) Unit
    • Extra Power Supply
    • Extra Cabinet
  • but:
    • lower power consumption
    • less space requirements


  • The T1015 and T1025 cards are connected using the 17-01504-01 and 17-01504-02 cables.
  • The 17-01473-01 bulkhead cable assembly connects from the VAXI Backplane to the CI connectors



describes problems with and solutions for the CIBCI.

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