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The CIBCA-A is the 2nd Generation VAXBI to CI interface, for VAX computers with a VAXBI.

It connects to one CI node directly, or to multiple CI nodes using the SC008 Star Coupler.

It consists of two VAXBI cards:

  • The CIBCA Port Controller Card T1015
  • The CIBCA Link/Packet Buffer Card T1025

The CIBCI was superseded by the CIBCA-B - VAXBI CI Interface, 3rd generation in 1988

Differences compared to the 1st Generation CI Adapter for the VAXBI VAX Computers

No more:

  • CIPA (CI Port Adapter) Unit
  • Extra Power Supply
  • Extra Cabinet


  • lower power consumption
  • less space requirements


  • The T1015 and T1025 cards are connected using the 17-01504-01 and 17-01504-02 cables.
  • The 17-01473-01 bulkhead cable assembly connects from the VAXI Backplane to the CI connectors



describes problems with and solutions for the CIBCI.

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