CalComp Model 215 Disk Drive

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CalComp Model 215
CalComp Model 215 drive
Manufacturer: Century Data Systems
Drive Controller(s): RP10 (PDP-10)
Capacity: 58 Mbytes (per drive)
Transfer Rate: 312 Kbytes/sec
Revolutions per Minute: 2400
1/2 Revolution Time: 12.5 msec
One Track Seek Time: 10 msec
Average Seek Time: 35 msec
Maximum Seek Time: 55 msec
Total Surfaces: 20
Tracks per Surface: 406 (nominally 400 plus 6 spares; many systems used all 406, as reliability was high)
Tracks per Inch: 200
Density: 2200 bpi (maximum)
Physical Size: 32" W x 35" L x 61" H
Weight: 850 pounds (Model 215)
510 pounds (Model 213)
Power Consumption: 20 A per drive (starting); 4.3A A per drive (running)

The CalComp Model 215 Disk Drive was a popular OEM multi-platter large removable-pack disk drive from Century Data Systems (during the time when they were a subsidiary of California Computer Products; hence the name).

Technically, the 215 held two drives in one cabinet; the CalComp Model 213 Disk Drive was the name for a unit with only one drive.

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