DF32 disk controller

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The DF32 disk controller (denominated as a DF32-D when used on a PDP-8/E or similar model PDP-8) was a disk device controller on the OMNIBUS of PDP-8s for DS32 disk drives. One DF32 could handle up to two DS32 drives. It used the three cycle data break form of DMA to transfer data directly to main memory.

Originally introduced with the PDP-8/I, when used on a PDP-8/L, to interface with the PDP-8/L, a KD8/L Data Break Facility and a DW08-A I/O Conversion Panel were required. Similarly, when used on a PDP-8/E or other OMNIBUS machine, a KD8-E Data Break Facility and a KA8-E Positive I/O Bus Interface were required.

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