EF51R Solid State Disk Drive

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Manufacturer: Digital Equipment Corporation
Drive Controller(s): all DSSI Controllers
Capacity: 107 Mbytes (formatted)
Transfer Rate: 4.0 Mbytes/sec
Average Access Time: 0.25 msec
Start Time: < 2 min
Physical Size: 5.25" full height

The EF51R is the smallest drive of DEC’s first generation of solid state disks, packaged in a full-height, 5 1⁄4-inch form factor. The EF51R ISE provides non-volatility of data by a data retention system including:

  • Power sensing logic
  • An internal winchester magnetic disk drive
  • A battery to power the EF51R while dumping data to the winchester disk

Apart from the DSSI interface, the EF51R disk drive is identical to the EZ51R Solid State Disk Drive.

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