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Hewlett-Packard (commonly known as HP), are computer manufacturers more famous for their printers etc. than for their all-in-one computers of dubious quality, and more than for these for the loss of data following their sudden termination of their cloud storage service.

They divided themselves into two companies: HP, Inc., for personal computers and printers, and HPE (HP Enterprise) for all the other stuff.

The original company founded by Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard in 1939 is among the original Silicon Valley pioneers. In fact, the HP Garage is a historic landmark that represents the genesis of Silicon Valley. They have spawned many companies over the decades. Two notable non-computer spinoffs are Agilent Technologies and Keysight Technologies. Keysight is a sort of grandchild company, having been spun out of Agilent.

Unfortunately for historians, an archive of many business papers of William Hewlett and David Packard from the company's earliest period (including all of David Packard’s outgoing correspondence, and accompanying replies) were lost in a fire on October, 2017.

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