Installing Windows 2000 on Qemu

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Windows 2000 on Qemu

Windows 2000 install is pretty straight forward with Qemu 0.14.0. You don't need to even use that -win2k-hack thing anymore. Basically run it like this...

qemu.exe -L pc-bios -m 512 -hda win2k.disk -net nic,model=pcnet -net user -cpu pentium -cdrom windows2000-pro-server-advanced-MSDN.iso -boot d

I like to redirect the RDP protocol into the VM, I picked the arbitrary port 4444...

-redir tcp:4444::3389

And of course, not everyone requires audio..

-soundhw sb16,adlib 

post install

With Windows 2000 installed, you can safely install service pack 4..

You can also now run Windows 2000 'normally' like this:

qemu -L . -hda windows2000.disk -net nic -net user -rtc-td-hack -soundhw sb16,adlib -localtime

That's about it!