Intel 8008

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The Intel 8008 CPU, the world's first 8-bit commercially sold microprocessor. The first chips were made in 1971 and announced in March or April 1972. 0.5MHz clock frequency, or for the 8008-1 variant pictured to the right, 0.8MHz. The 0.8MHz variant was available as early as June 1972[1]

The design of the 8008 actually started before the design of the 4004, but was put on hold and restarted after the 4004 was finished. This is reflected in the original naming used for the processors, which was 1201 for the 8008 and 1202 for the 4004. 1: P-MOS, 2: Random logic, 01: Serial number (02 for the 4004). Both processors were renamed for marketing reasons. [2][3]