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The Interdata 8/32 was a 32-bit supermini whose ISA was roughly modelled on that of the IBM System/360 mainframe. It had higher performance than its very similar 'little sister', the Interdata 7/32; the 8/32 was microcoded, and optionally allowed the users to write their own additional microcode.


The SIMH simulator supports the 8/32.


The 8/32 and the 7/32 were the one of the first non-DEC machines to run UNIX. Amazingly, the ports to the 7/32 and 8/32 were done roughly simultaneously, by two separate organizations; the 8/32 port was done by the Research group at Bell Laboratories.

Work on the 8/32 port began in early 1977 (on the C compiler, etc); the machine itself was delivered at the end of April 1977. By June, the system was working reasonably well.

The Interdata 7/32 and 8/32 were the first 32-bit machines to run Unix Version 6; the Interdata 8/32 port became the basis for Unix Seventh Edition.

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