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The KDJ11-A CPU board (M8192) is the first QBUS PDP-11 CPU card using the J-11 chip set. It is a dual-height board, and was used to upgrade PDP-11/23 systems. (Confusingly, no DEC 'PDP-11/xx' system is specified as using the KDJ11-A.)

It contains an 8K-byte write-through cache (set size 1, block size 1 16-bit word), protected by parity; cache control logic inspects DMA transfers on the QBUS and invalidates cache entries for main memory which is written to by a device.

It also provides a set of diagnostic LEDs, and a line time clock; but no other devices (boot PROM, serial line, etc). Both the LTC, and its control register, are enabled by a single configuration jumper (below).

Although the J-11 does implement FP11 floating-point, the board can also use the optional FPJ11 floating point accelerator chip; note that only the -YB version of the board operates correctly with the FPJ11.


A limited amount of configuration can be done with a set of nine jumpers (in the middle of the card).Their functions are:

Jumper Function In Out
W1 Bootstrap address bit 15 1 0
W2 Bootstrap address bit 14 1 0
W3 Powerup option bit 2
W4 Bootstrap address bit 13 1 0
W5 Halt enable Halt Trap to 4
W6 Bootstrap address bit 12 1 0
W7 Powerup option bit 1
W8 Wakeup circuit Disabled Enabled
W9 BEVNT/LTC register Disabled Enabled

Powerup options are:

W3 W7 Action
In In PC from 024, PS from 026
In Out ODT, PS=0
Out In PC=0173000, PS=340
Out Out PC=configuration jumpers, PS=340

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