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Multi-Lingual Processor

Computer created by STANDARD Computer Corporation, intended for microprogrammed emulation of other computers. Data words are 36 bits wide. Instructions were 32 bits, but expanded to 36 bits at USC ISI.

Recollections from Richard Shiffman

ISI's machine room was on the 12th floor of the south triple tower in Marina del Rey, California. Kieth Uncapher, the founder of ISI, Tom Ellis, and Mac McMinley, when they moved from RAND, put the machine room on the top floor of the building. Unfortunately the roof would leak when it rained; the leak was always over the MLP, no matter where they moved it. This would drive Ray Mayson nuts, he was always repairing it. I don't remember seeing the MLP run, but with the right microcode loaded the MLP could emulate a KA10 faster than DEC's KA10. The MLP was big rectangular prism full of ECL small scale ICs, Motorola 10K or 100K series I think. It used a lot of power, but was the fastest ICs at that time.

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