MS400 MicroVAX 2000/VAXstation 2000 Memory Module

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The MS400-AA memory module contains 2 megabytes of memory and the MS400-BA memory module contains 4 megabytes of memory. The MS400-BA has components on both sides of the module.

A third memory module MS400-CA containing 12 megabytes of memory was introduced in 1988. Early MicroVAX 2000 / VAXstation 2000 computers probably need a ROM update to be compatible with the MS400-CA memory module.

Only one MS400 memory module may be connected to a KA410 MicroVAX 2000/VAXstation 2000 System Module.

These modules do not provide RAM control signal generation; however, they do provide transceivers for data and buffers for driving the RAM array with RAS, CAS, WRITE, and ADDRESS. The KA410-AA system module generates byte parity when writing to RAM memory and checks byte parity when reading from RAM memory. Parity checking applies both to CPU accesses and to DMA accesses generated by the network controller option. Only those bytes selected by the processor byte mask are affected and checked.

  • The MS400-BA memory module (4 MB) cost 6,477 German Marks in 1992 (about 4,147 US$)
  • The MS400-CA memory module (12 MB) cost 15,020 German Marks in 1992 (about 9,616 US$)
MS400-CA 12MB memory module