Motorola MC68040

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Family: Motorola M68000 Family
Architecture: 32-bit
Manufacturer: Motorola
Year Introduced: 1990
Address bus: 32-bit
Data bus: 32-bit
Number of registers: 15 general 32-bit registers (8 data, 7 address)
Cache: 4K byte icache+dcache
Clock Speed: 25, 33, 40 MHz

The Motorola MC68040 is a 32-bit microprocessor in the Motorola M68000 Family, the successor to the Motorola MC68030. Its successor was the 68060.

Performance was increased over earlier members in part by the increased use of pipelining and caching; the MC68040 included a six-stage pipeline, along with sepate 4K-byte caches for instructions and data.

It was the first family member to include floating point on the main chip, but did not provide full IEEE-compatiable floating point: transcendental functions were not included, which limited its utility.

It was used in a number of Macintosh personal computers, and also workstations from NeXT.

Downgraded versions which omitted the floating point, and another also without the memory management, were produced.