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Path: sserve!!!news.Hawaii.Edu!ames!agate!!cgd
From: cgd@eden.CS.Berkeley.EDU (Chris G. Demetriou)
Newsgroups: comp.os.386bsd.announce,comp.unix.bsd
Subject: NetBSD 0.9 available for anon-ftp...
Followup-To: comp.unix.bsd
Date: 23 Aug 93 23:26:53
Organization: Kernel Hackers 'r' Us
Lines: 567
Distribution: world
Message-ID: <CGD.93Aug23232653@eden.CS.Berkeley.EDU>

I said it'd be out on 8/23, and it's still 8/23, here...  8-)

NetBSD 0.9 is now available for public consumption.

It is possible to upgrade from 0.8 to 0.9, and tools are provided
for this purpose.  If you wish to switch to NetBSD from 386bsd, you
must install from scratch...

Some FTP sites where it is, or will soon be available:
		(also via AFS by the path:
		 /afs/ )

Get the INSTALL_NOTES and the LAST_MINUTE file; both are important.

Also, the original distribution which mirrors picked up had
a corrupted gsrc09 distribution.  This was fixed, and you can
tell if your favorite ftp site's version is the fixed one
by whether or not it has a file named FIXED in the
.../NetBSD-0.9/source/gsrc09 directory.

an abbreviated list of changes from 0.8 to 0.9 is included below.


Changes from NetBSD 0.8:

	fixed PCFS so this it actually works now.
		(Jim Jegers, via patchkit)
	got rid of bt0 driver in GENERICISA, as
		it was conflicting with aha0. (cgd)
	make sure .../sys.386bsd/compile makes it into
		the distribution. (cgd)
	added support for BSDI's QMAGIC exec format to the kernel and related
		utilities; *NULL now core dumps.  Also fixed several NULL
		pointer references caught by this. (mycroft and sef)
	fixed "/bin/sh: not found" problem when cleaning in libc (cgd)
	added the latest db lib from vangogh (v1.1 done by proven, 1.6 by cgd)
		db.h, ndbm.h, mpool.h updated.
		sys/syslimits.h has macro for SSIZE_MAX
		libc/getpwent and ttyname changed to use dbopen along with
		pwd_mkdb, kvm_mkdb, dev_mkdb, vacation, ps
	sped up console driver considerably by reducing the number of spl*()
		calls. (mycroft)
	fixed various bugs in the games. (mycroft)
	moved non-exportable crypt(3) software into /usr/src/lib/libcrypt,
		made crypt.c in libc a dummy, and made appropriate
		changes elsewhere to get things right.
		use "make EXPORTABLE_SYSTEM=true" to make binaries
		w/o libcrypt. (cgd)
	added YP to libc, and yp programs to usr.sbin/yp. (deraadt)
	netstat -s now prints out all of the udp statistics gathered (glass)
	brought in new login(1) from uunet.  (cgd)
	brought in new test(1) from uunet, ditched bash version (glass)
	brought in new tr(1) from uunet (glass)
	added termios(4) man page from uunet (glass)
	updated syslog(3) from uunet for better error handling (glass)
	fixed syscall() with John Kohl's patch (proven)
	tcp_*space reduced to 4k, because of interactions with vm. (cgd)
	fixed: SLATTACH hangs up on connect to modem port -> raise DTR
		patch from: (cgd)
	can't exec a file people are writing to, any more... (cgd)
	fixed the amazingly shitty ethernet performance with cheap Western
		Digital cards. (mycroft)
	the /usr/src/sys/i386/boot/rmaouthdr script was not executable,
		which caused 0.8 to have a broken bootwd (deraadt)
	segregated GNU software in the standard dist. from the rest.
		it's now in /usr/src/gnu/* (cgd)
	various changes from Ralf Freidl to fix brokenness in pcfs (cgd)
	replaced gnu tail(1), join(1) with bsd equivalents from uunet (glass)
	fixed kernel profiling, again.  now it _works_. (cgd)
	integrated CSRG-released touch(1), err(3) (glass)
	add process accounting & fix related utilities (cgd)
	make generic kernels include slip interface so they don't die
		of stack overflow when using loopback w/no enet (cgd)
	rpc include files are now installed from /usr/src/include (deraadt)
	actually fix that loopback+no other interfaced->reboot problem (cgd)
	make serial ports be correctly-numbered (cgd)
	added support for HP ethernet controllers. (mycroft)
	made the entire distribution compile and run with GCC 2. (mycroft)
	replace GNU dd(1) with recently released Berkeley version (glass)
	update (f)lex to version 2.3.8 from (cgd)
	fix bc so that it uses the distributed files, not ones we yacc/lex
		ourself.  makes it work, and not require extra newlines (cgd)
	ifconfig -a (deraadt)
	iostat and vmstat now understand wd/fd disks. Not scsi disks
		yet though.. (deraadt)
	Jim Wilson's sh changes	(sef)
	add uname program and syscall, for POSIX.  changes
		came from John Brezak <> (cgd)
	made num, caps, and scroll lock not repeat. (mycroft)
	fix from Pete Chown <> for appropriate
		mmap permissions checking (cgd)
	add assembly language version of index, rindex, strchr, and strrchr
		supplied by J.T. Conklin <> (cgd)
	update source tree with changes from patchkit-0.2.3 (cgd)
	update stdio buffering routines with replacements from
		Chris Torek <> (cgd)
	network loopback now supports multiple interfaces via, e.g.
		"pseudo-device loop 2".  patch provided
		by David Burren <> (cgd)
	wd disks print their geometry if it can be determined via a READP
		command (deraadt)
	fd drives print their geometry according to what the
		BIOS says (deraadt)
	npx changes from patchkit patch 10002. Original author of these
		patches is Bruce Evans. (deraadt)
	the ring buffer code now uses "rbchar"s rather than char's. An rbchar
		is actually a short. This patch allows "literal next" to
		work (ie. ^V^D<return>) (deraadt)
	fixed kvm_getprocs() to work after kvm_getprocs() and kvm_freeprocs()
		have been called already (cgd)
	fix from Bakul Shah <> to make tip not dump core
		when Courier acu routines are used with a non-
		USR Courier modem. (cgd)
	nfsd will no longer loop endlessly if it is invoked on a kernel
		in which NFSSERVER has not been included in. (glass)
	crond will no longer directly open /var/cron/log, fail and complain.
		now uses syslog(3); can now be used to select the
		messages it logs.  default syslog.conf has:	/var/cron/log # for backwards compat.
	lockf patch from Paul Kranenburg <> (deraadt)
	the rpc library now has xdr_float and xdr_double. patches from 
		J.T. Conklin <> (deraadt)
	fix tmac.andoc .TH directive handling.  patch from
		J.T. Conklin <> (cgd)
	make sendbug give a "To:" to sendmail. patch supplied
		by Gordon Burditt <> (cgd)
	fix kernel printf's "%b" (bits) format. patch supplied
		by Gordon Burditt <> (cgd)
	add TIOCSTAT ioctl to give load average stats if requested (for tcsh)
		from Luke Mewburn <> (cgd)
	integraged hp300 code from net/2 (cgd)
	fixed uninitialized field of struct proc which would occasionally
		cause "w" to panic the system (cgd)
	various 8-bit patches from Andrew Chernov <>
		tty_compat.c is cleaned up, as is STOP+TIOCSTI
		in tty.c (deraadt)
	fd error reporting cleanup. (deraadt)
	fixed bad man page & syscall definition for getpgrp().
		(posix says it takes no args, and i don't argue...) (cgd)
	add change from Guido van Rooij <> so that
		io port access from user processes doesn't randomly
		work/fail.  now must open /dev/mem to get access. (cgd)
	apply patch from Jagane D. Sundar <> to allow
		NFS-mounting of ISO 9660 (isofs) filesystems, and to
		fix a few small isofs bugs. (cgd)
	have config make kernel compilation directoris in
		/sys/${MACHINE}/compile rather than /sys/compile (cgd)
	changes from David Burren <> so
		that netstat prints names for routes when not given -n,
		and so that it prints address family names (cgd)
	add new getcap routines to libc, adjust termcap build
		and tset(1) accordingly, and add cap_mkdb (cgd)
	move csu.${MACHINE} libraries into one subdir in /usr/src/lib (cgd)
	moved kernel architecture-dependent sub-directories into
		/sys/arch/${MACHINE}.  great for more archs! (cgd)
	fixed "swap generic" support (cgd)
	improve kernel select mechanism further, by making setup
		done by a function.  put protos into /sys/sys/select.h
		and clean up all of the messes it makes (cgd)
	file now prints the targets of symbolic links, thanks
		to John Brezak ( for the patch.  (cgd)
	ed: 8-bit clean; no line-length limit; regex support for NULs (alm)
	sed: fixed NULL indirection (alm)
	fix "cpu" declarations in kernel config files so that they
		work as originally intended.  this means that only
		cpus for which there is a cpu declaration (see kernel
		config files for examples) are supported by a kernel
		compiled with the config.  also, if you want the math
		emulator in your kernel, you now need the "MATH_EMULATE"
		option in the kernel config file.  (cgd)
	disklabel stuff in the kernel has been split up into arch
		indep & arch dep components. no more dos stuff in
		ufs_disksubr.c! 	(deraadt)
	add packet size check for raw IP provided by Paul Antonov
		<>, to fix the "traceroute foohost 2000
		causes panic" problem. (cgd)
	Fixed packet counters in if_ec, as noted by Mike J. Fuller
		<>	(davidb)
	Modified the SCSI disk startup so that DEC disks (for example)
		are told to spin up _before_ they are asked if they're
		ready.	(davidb)
	Updated the rpc library to support MIPS and NS32k CPUs.	(davidb)
	applied various patches supplied by Havard Eidnes
		<> to generally fix ISO
		support, including: reception of ISO multicasts in with
		we ethernet driver, fixed CLNP Echo reponder, and
		netstat, ifconfig, and libc fixes (cgd)
	use the Athena "newsyslog" utility to rotate logs, rather than the
		old, cumbersome method in /etc/{daily,weekly,monthly} (cgd)
	replaced broken /usr/include/bitstring.h w/new version from
		Mike Murphy <> (cgd)
	added /usr/src/regress, for regression tests (cgd)
	add Yuval Yarom's changes (originally for BSD/386) for advisory
		record locking on NFS files.  Note that this DOES NOT
		support network locking, only local advisory locks. (cgd)
	fix /bin/ls; is clobbered first env. var. if given no filename args
		given. patch from Bob Willcox <bob@obiwan.uucp>. (deraadt)
	mail.local can now use username.lock files as well as flock().
		Use the -l flag in your favorite file. (deraadt)
	don't remake newvers and relink kernel if nothing has changed (cgd)
	fix SUP to not need any version of crypt. Use "make MAKE_EXPORT=1"
		to build a SUP for export. (brezak)
	add patch00144: fixed compress bug with a small path[] array
		from <>. (deraadt)
	add patch00149: sd/cd drivers printed incorrect blocknumbers when they
		hit errors. From <>. (deraadt)
	/etc/localtime is now created from by "make distribution" (deraadt)
	fixed /usr/bin/more to not play with magic numbers from executables
		directly.  It now uses the N_BADMAG() macro. (deraadt)
	fixed lpr's dealings with magic numbers. It now no longer accesses
		exec.a_magic directly, and it knows about modern "ar"
		files rather than the old ones (deraadt)
	use EXPORTABLE_SYSTEM instead of MAKE_EXPORT to build crypt-free SUP.
		Just like the rest of the system. (brezak)
	tty structures are allocated dynamically. The d_ttys field in cdevs[]
		now has an extra level of indirection. The pty and com
		drivers allocate pty's dynamically, the pccons driver does
		not. Check out the "ttys" field in vmstat -m. (deraadt)
	make sleeps during FIFO open interruptable (cgd)
	various pacthes to kernel files to make things compile
		with GCC-2.3.3 (proven)
	patch to signal .h for ANSI validation (proven)
	update to version 3.0 of Paul Vixie's cron package (cgd)
	kernels without pc0 support can be built, and work (deraadt)
	add yppoll command (brezak)
	update yacc to the latest version from Berkeley (1.9)  (cgd)
	fixed kernfs security hole, where it wouldn't actually
		check perms before allowing users to write hostname (cgd)
	added chown/chmod/chgrp functionality to kernfs (cgd)
	sending simple telnet commands fixed.  patch originally
		from Jonathan Stone <jonathan@CS.Stanford.EDU> (cgd)
	replace execve with new one, based on work by Wolfgang Solfrank
		<>, but beaten up a good amount be cgd.
		(after several iterations of beating have gone on,
		this code is *really* differnt...) (cgd)
	update kvm library for the new exec, and add a kvm_getenv function,
		to get a process's environment var list.  ps and w
		apply strvis() to args/environment before printing (cgd)
	give ps an 'e' option, to print the environment variables
		of processes (cgd)
	add vt300 to termcap.src (brezak)
	fixed stty so that setting "ispeed" works. (cgd)
	move i386 signal trampoline code from the pcb to the top of
		the stack.  at the same time, implement copying out
		of the signal trampoline code, on process creation. (cgd)
	shut up libg++ "make"'s whining (cgd)
	allow user to specity that programs depend on c++ sources
		(previously only could be done for libraries) (cgd)
	fix library "make depend" problem, in which it wasn't
		generating dependencies for profiled .o files (cgd)
	fix ps to not show cpu/memory/swap usage if process is zombie (cgd)
	fix from Wolfgang Solfrank ( to kill processes
		outright if they exceed their hard CPU-usage limit (cgd)
	fix for NFS's bogus use if va_flags and va_gen, and other minor
		NFS fixes, supplied by John Woods, (cgd)
	fix /usr/include/rpcsvc/rnusers.x - versions were reversed (brezak)
	add /lib/rpcsvc for upcoming rusers/rup clients and daemons (brezak)
	revert the "syncing disks" message on reboot to it's original,
		more informative, form (cgd)
	fix /usr/include/rpcsvc/klm_prot.x so it compiles. (brezak)
	add /usr/libexec/rpc.rstatd, rpc.rusersd, rpc.rwalld. (brezak)
	add /usr/bin/rup, rusers, rwall(changes). (brezak)
	add LIBRPCSVC to (brezak)
	removed bugs and memory leaks from directory functions (proven)
	make tip obey Taylor UUCP's locking conventions.  Patch from
		Peter da Silva <>, patchkit
		patch #139. (cgd)
	patch from David Greenman and Rod Grimes (
		and to support 57600 and 115200
		baud in the kernel, tip, and getty.  pk patch #150 (cgd)
	use Bruce Evans' pc3 termcap entry.  pk patch #156 (cgd)
	add delay loop to lpa and lpt drivers to allow data port
		to stablize.  make "lpflag" unique.  patch from
		Rod Grimes <>, as pk patch #164 (cgd)
	change MCLSHIFT to 11, so mbuf cluster size is bigger than MTU
		of network interfaces, for performance.  to use old size,
		use "options MCLSHIFT=10" in your kernel config.
		this is patchkit patch #166. (cgd)
	remove /usr/local and /usr/contrib from root's path, and
		also give root and operator "sane" group ids.  (cgd)
	convert to Bruce Evans' <> new interrupt system, as
		hacked by Rod Grimes <>, and
		suppied in the patchkit (in patches 158 and 167). (cgd)
	get rid of the "as" (old SCSI) driver, finally. (cgd)
	rename kernel functions getc() and ungetc() to
		rbgetc() and rbungetc(), respectively.  (cgd)
	chmod's dealings with symbolic links now un-hosed (deraadt)
	clean up miscfs and isofs filesystems.  they now have
		their own vnode types and malloc types.  (cgd)
	added Terry Lambert's <> loadable kernel
		modules code.  (cgd)
	add man pages for rpc.rwalld, rpc.rusersd, cleaup rpc.rstatd (brezak)
	fix alloca() definition in stdlib.h for gcc2 and gcc1. (brezak)
	change host field width in rusers and rup. Also print idle
		time in days,hours,minutes,seconds in rusers. (brezak)
	add man pages for rwall, and rusers. (brezak)
	integrate changes from (J.T. Conklin)
		that incorporate changes from TIRPC to include/rpc and
		lib/librpc. I also added code to getrpcent.c for YP. (brezak)
	delete lib/libc/yp/yppasswdxdr.c because it is now in
		librpcsvc. (brezak)
	updated file(1) and magic database to Ian Darwin's 
		latest release. (jtc)
	patch from Yuval Yarom so implicit binds in in_pcbbind will
		assign used ports if the if the port is bound on specific
		interface, and not on INADDR_ANY. (deraadt)
	patch from Yavul Yarom. The loopback check for forwarded packets
		was wrong (deraadt)
	fix pwd_mkdb to not accidentally grow a complete passwd file from
		the YP passwd map. Include a getpwent.o that -UYP. (brezak)
	leave hole for AFS in vfssw[]. Define MOUNT_AFS in mount.h. (brezak)
	install symlinks to rpc and xdr manpages for rpc library 
		routines; convert rpcgen, rpcinfo, and librpc manpages 
		to -mandoc macros (jtc)
	inetd now can start RPC services. (brezak)
	remove starting of rwalld from /etc/rc and netstart. (brezak)
	chpass and passwd will use YP is available. (brezak)
	added -d option to install (jtc)
	tip can now read ~/.tiprc even when this file is not world-
		accessible. (andrew)
	applied Yuval Yarom's closef() panic patch - the panic was caused
		by multiple calls to unp_discard() sometimes being made when
		closing a socket. (andrew)
	added Microsoft and Logitech busmouse drivers, originally by
		Erik Forsberg. (andrew)
	added fast symlinks.  Add `options FASTLINKS' to your config file or
		frob the variable `ufs_write_fastlinks' to enable creating
		them.  Note potential conflict with Pete Chown's ACLs (which
		is currently not in our tree).  And don't blame me if (though
		it's unlikely) your existing symlinks all barf because they
		have dirty spare fields.  (mycroft)
	changed aha scsi driver to reduce the card's bus-on time from the
		default 11ms to 9ms.  Prevents floppy drive read/write
		problems during heavy scsi io. (andrew)
	changed expr(1) to use POSIX regular expressions (jtc)
	add assembly language versions of bcmp, ffs, memchr, memcmp, memset,
		strcat, strcmp, strcpy, strlen, and strncmp; change bzero to
		word align before its wordwise set. (jtc)
	integrate fnmatch from keith bostic/bsd4.4-alpha; update sources 
		that use fnmatch: find, locate, mtree (jtc)
	move sys/arch/i386/isa/spkr.h to sys/arch/i386/include. (brezak)
	completely rewrote and replaced physio (cgd)
	silence complaints about can't read size during probe in cd.c (brezak)
	change assert.h to be ANSI compliant (jtc)
	change signal.c to use ANSI C macro SIG_ERR, instead of BADSIG.
		remove BADSIG from signal.h, it's not used elsewhere. (jtc)
	nuke silly printf in vm_swap.c. (brezak)
	Use NNPX instead of NPX from npx.h. (brezak)
	Correctly extract version number from version string for
		uname. (brezak)
	add new Julian Elischer's new floppy driver, with modifications,
		from the patchkit (deraadt)
	convert the a.out format's a_magic fields and a_mid fields into
		one field, which is kept in network byte order (deraadt)
	integrate Donn Seeley's (i.e. BSDI's & CSRG's) init, as posted
		to various newsgroups (cgd)
	upgraded m4 to latest version retrieved from Ozan Yigit
		<> after some begging. adds support
		for 'm4 <filename>', and works with sendmail r8's m4
		usage (glass)
	upgraded sendmail to sendmail 8.1B; will follow future releases.
		see sendmail/READ_ME for information about the degree of
		backward compatability provided.  also sendmail/cf/README.
	fixed bug in ECHONL processing (andrew)
	date command ignored setting the seconds value. patch from
		<> (deraadt)
	Fixed othersrc/xntp to find NetBSD kernels. (davidb)
	Add getopt command to usr.bin from agate:.../public. (brezak)
	added ANSIfications to /sys/{sys,kern} and sundry other affected
		areas; removed the never-used second argument that was
		being passed to timeout functions. (andrew)
	applied Yuval Yarom's recv() socket fixes to prevent incorrect
		blocking with MSG_WAITALL.  Fixes a sbdrop() panic during
		some MSG_WAITALL recv(2) sleeps.  Access rights problem
		also fixed. (andrew)
	fixed bugs in vm_glue.c that allowed a process to access its user
		pages.  Writing to one of these pages on an i[34]86 system
		tends to cause an instant reboot... (andrew)
	brought in versions of Bmake'd versions of GNU gzip and tar off
		of freefall. These understand the .gz suffix for gzip'ed
		archives. (brezak)
	uucpd from Net2. (brezak)
	Support high tty speeds in slattach. (brezak)
	applied Paul Kranenburg's VM deadlock patches from the patchkit
		[patch00147, parts 2-4 - part 1 was already applied]
	fixed new i386 interrupt code to only do verbose statistics-
		gathering when compiled with INTR_DEBUG.  also, use
		local labels for internal branches, so profiling works
		better.  (cgd)
	add support for David Greenman's if_ed wd80[01]3 and 3c503
		i386 ethernet driver.  modify it to allow the "iosiz"
		to override the probed shared memory size, to help
		compatibility with clone boards (cgd)
	change i386 interrupt vectors names so that they being with "X"
		instead of "V", like every other BSD system... (cgd)
	fixed /sys/scsi/sd.c to reject non block-aligned transfers, which
		were causing scsi hangs (andrew)
	convince /usr/src/share/doc to make and use "obj" directories (cgd)
	make the boot blocks make & install in same way as the rest
		of /usr/src (cgd)
	uniq -c /dev/null now works properly, it was not checking the return 
		value from an fgets(). fix from <> (deraadt)
	first part of merge of amiga code, sys/arch/amiga. Full merge will
		require some changes outside too, as well as some renameing
		in sys/arch/amiga to avoid conflicts with existing modules (mw)
	i386 wd controller driver: major rewrite of timeout code to use
		DELAY(). added code to reset controller if it times
		out. patches sent in by many people. (deraadt)
	make the rlist code go away.  it wasn't useful in the place
		it was intended to be used, and it was incompatible.
		in addition, it caused a few bugs...  replace it with
		rmap code written by Wolfgang Solfrank.  (cgd)
	i386 pccons driver now malloc()'s it's "struct tty" (deraadt)
	i386/hp300 cons.c "struct tty *cn_tty" wasn't being used by anything,
		so it goes away (deraadt)
	fix problem of passwd local_passwd exiting instead of passing status
		so YP password can be tried. Also change NIS --> YP. (brezak)
	remove usr.bin/gnu/tar. Use tar-1.11.2 instead. (brezak)
	update grep, egrep, and fgrep to gnu grep 2.0. (jtc)
	update awk to gawk 2.15.2. (jtc)
	update diff, diff3, and sdiff to gnu diffutils 2.3. (jtc)
	update rcs to (jtc)
	update gzip to 1.2.2. (jtc).
	'w' no longer thinks the console is a special device. (deraadt)
	ignore the flags field in midmag in kern_exec.c from
	nuke yppasswd. Use "passwd" to change YP password. (brezak)
	add Kermit 51(198) to othersrc. (brezak)
	libcurses updated with Andrew Chernov's 8-bit clean patches (alm)
	patch from Paul Kranenburg <> so that if given a
		kernel name, kvm_mkdb will work properly. (cgd)
	patch from Paul Kranenburg <> to use symbols and
		line numbers in stack tracebacks. Also a fix to the stack
		traceback for syscalls. Did NOT include dynamic sym changes.
	allow SYS_INCLUDE={copies,symlinks} in src/include/Makefile to be
		selected in (brezak)
	upgrade gcc and cc to gcc-2.4.5 (paul)
	convince ddb to be quiet if it doesn't find any space for debugging
		symbols, and then don't ignore its output or exit code (cgd)
	integrated Bruce Evans' <> bios boot-block
		modifications, which include read-ahead buffering, loading
		kernels at the 1MB mark, bad144 support and various other
		fixes (which enables the code to work with aha174x cards in
		enhanced mode). (andrew)
	upgrade if_is.c to handle multiple cards and bpf (paul)
	make ps with an odd number of "w" flags behave properly. (cgd)
	changed tty queue interface to be like old BSD clists, but with a
		(new) ring buffer implementation which is more memory
		efficient. (mycroft and deraadt)
	fixed nice(1) to not dump core when invoked with no arguments, and
		to understand negative niceness values. (jtc)
	fixed dbsym to strip gcc2 related trash syms before stuffing them
		into the kernel. Added "-l" flag to strip local syms
		too. (brezak)
	replaced gcc1 with gcc2 as standard compiler, and removed gcc1 
		and the old version of g++ (cgd)
	upgraded libg++ to version 2.3.90 (cgd)
	changed env, head, nohup, wc, and xargs to be IEEE 1003.2 (D11.2)
		compliant. (jtc)
	upgraded groff to version 1.08. (jtc)
	i386 if_ne.c bug fixes from <> (deraadt)
	ddb changes. Add -more- pager for output. Add 'ps' command.
		bring in ddb(4) man page. (brezak)
	added Havard Eidnes fixes to netstat (paul)
	fixed gcc2 for multiple archs and tidied up man pages in cpp (paul)
	updated libg++ to 2.4 (paul)
	make lib/libtelnet/enc_des.c optional for telnet. (brezak)
	copyin/out(), copyin/outstr(), s/fubyte() et al protection fixes,
		including COW support, using code based on that from
		Wolfgang Solfrank and Christoph Robitschko. (andrew)
	user segment descriptors fixed to disallow access to user area (andrew)
	bde's boot >= 1MB fixes (andrew)
	make NOPs in locore do something, by default.  to make them
		faster (and doing so will break some systems),
		use 'options "DUMMY_NOPS"' in kernel config file (cgd)
	multiple beeps now generate a continuous tone.  also, sysbeep() now
		takes a frequency as its first argument. (mycroft)
	added library dependencies to Makefiles where they were missing.
	changed dinode.di_un to a dev_t in preparation for making dev_t larger.
	moved asm.h from /usr/include/sys to /usr/include/machine. (mycroft)
	added CXX and CXXFLAGS and suffix rules for C++ files in
		/usr/share/mk/*, with attendent Makefile changes. (mycroft)
	fixed search paths for whereis. (mycroft)
	fixed memory trashing bug in compress. (mycroft)
	fixed various bugs in if_hp.c. (mycroft)
	changed implementation of scroll lock to use sleep() and wakeup() so
		it doesn't freeze all sessions. (mycroft)
	fixed bug in cat re: short (usually interrupted) writes. (mycroft)
	made pccons output in small chunks use ttrstrt() so it doesn't hog the
		CPU. (mycroft)
	made splimp() mask both spltty() and splnet(), and removed Bill's kluge
		for SLIP that made spltty() and splnet() include each other.
	fixed handling of bad syscall numbers on 386. (mycroft)
	changed `make depend' to work in two passes--one for C files and one
		for C++ files.  for the latter, `-+' is passed to mkdep
		automatically; no need to specify it in the Makefile. (mycroft)
	moved struct definitions outside of function declarations in kernel,
		so GCC doesn't emit tons of warnings. (mycroft and cgd)
	added -T option to dbsym to specify load address of kernel.  this is
		necessary for it to be able to find the blasted string it's
		supposed to insert into when the kernel is not loaded at the
		default address.  Makefile.i386 now uses this. (mycroft)
	added a way to specify the kernel load address in the config file; add
		`at address' (e.g. `at 0xfe100000') to the `config' line.
	made GDB deal with stabs type info output by GCC 2. (mycroft)
	fix from Brian Somers <> to make
		"ps -o command" work correctly (cgd)
	made kvm_procread() read the swap area in CLBYTES chunks. (mycroft)
	added ISOFS support for Rockridge filesystems, written by
		Atsushi Murai <>. (cgd)
	scsi bus probing sped up by remembering if there's actually a 
		device at a particular unit number (deraadt)
	hp300 tty devs changed to do dynamic tty allocation (deraadt)
	the ifconfig aui/bnc keywords go away, use -llc0 to select
		bnc/other onboard tranceiver, llc0 to select aui (deraadt)
	cleaned up /etc/magic to grok new-style executables (deraadt)
	removed bogus nop-like instructions put at the start of the i386
		crt0.c by Bill (deraadt)
	i386 wd.c now has timeout debugging code useful for seeing how slow
		your controller's DIAG command really is. Enable
		WDCNDELAY_DEBUG in wd.c if interested... (deraadt)
	i386 if_ed.c call bpfattach() at the same place as other enet
		drivers (deraadt)
	bpf man page error found by hpeyerl, ok'd by mccanne (deraadt)
	added -g option to dbsym to include line number and function symbols
		for DDB; note that this generates REALLY LARGE symbol tables;
		you'll need to load the kernel at >=1MB to use it. (mycroft)
	replaced vfs__bio.c with better one derived from one from CMU.
		it works better, does the right thing with buffer_map,
		and, in general, is cleaner than the old one. (cgd)
	added man pages for all external mount types. (cgd)
	fix from J.T. Conklin to make nohup print the correct
		message re: the logging file on the user's console.  (cgd)
	mount_pcfs moved to mount_msdos; the latter is more appropriate (cgd)
	sendmail upgraded to version 8.3
	added statistics counters to if_is.c,ipackets etc (paul)
	ultrastore 14f driver should now work w/34f as well. (cgd)
	got rid of broken toupper() and tolower() macros (cgd)
	i386 wd.c change from <> to fix single drive systems (deraadt)
	i386 fd.c reliability fix from <> (deraadt)
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