RS08 disk drive

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Manufacturer: Digital Equipment Corporation
Drive Controller(s): RF08 (OMNIBUS)
Capacity: 262KW (12-bits + 1 parity)
Transfer Rate: 62.5 KW/sec (60Hz)
52.1 KW/sec (50Hz)
Minimum Access Time: 260 usec (60Hz)
320 usec (60Hz)
Average Access Time: 15.9 msec (60Hz)
20.3 usec (60Hz)
Maximum Access Time: 33.6 msec (60Hz)
40.3 use9run)c (60Hz)
Media: nickel-cobalt plated surface
Total Surfaces: 1
Tracks Per Surface: 128 data + 3 timing (plus 3 spare timing)
Density: 1100 bpi (maximum)
Recording Method: NRZ
Power Consumption: 110VAC, 5.3A (start), 4.0A (run)

The RS08 is a fixed-platter fixed-head disk drive that can store up to 262KW of data. It used 128 fixed read/write heads, 2048 words/track, and recorded data on a single nickel-cobalt plated surface. The data transfer rate was 62.5K words per second (operating on 60 Hz power), or 52.083 words per second (on 50 Hz power).

Its controller is the RF08 disk controller.