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Seagate Technology is a maker of physically small disk drives for personal computers. It was incorporated in November, 1978 by Al Shugart and 4 others as 'Shugart Technology' (the name was fairly quickly changed to 'Seagate Technology' to avoid being sued by Shugart Associates - which had also been founded by Shugart - a subsidiary of Xerox). It commenced operation in October, 1979.

They created the de facto early hard drive interface standard, the ST506 disk interface, with the introduction of their first product, the ST506 disc drive. Their disk drives were popular for the IBM XT.

They acquired many of their competitors over the decades since, including Maxtor in 2006. Conner Peripherals, founded by one of the founders of Seagate after he left, merged into Seagate in 1996. As of 2023, they are transitioning to solid state disks.

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