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The TCP and Internet Meetings were a series of in-person meetings which were a key part of the development of the TCP and IP protocols. (At the start of that development, there was of course no separate IP protocol; its functionality was part of TCP in the early versions of TCP, TCP 1 and TCP 2.)

They rotated between various DARPA contractors who were working on what became the TCP/IP project; they were all held in the USA initially, with occasional meetings in Europe towards the end. They were notionally divided into separate 'TCP Meetings' and 'Internet Meetings', but in reality each meeting would consider issues with both protocols. It is also not clear why 'Internet' was used as a name on early meetings, before IP existed as a separate Protocol; the name probably came from the project's goal, to produce a working internet.

They were the precursor to the meetings of the later IETF, which continue to this day.

Meeting dates and location

Minutes for each meeting were produced, mostly by Jon Postel, and released in the IEN document series. Most meetings were part of the TCP and Internet meetings series, but there were a few additional ad hoc meetings on specialized topics. A fairly complete list of the meetings (in temporal order) is:

Date Location Type Documented
12 March 1977 DARPA TCP IEN-64
14-15 July 1977 MIT-LCS TCP IEN-65
15 August 1977 ISI Internet IEN-3
13-14 October 1977 SRI TCP IEN-66
30-31 January 1978 ISI TCP IEN-67
1 February 1978 ISI Internet IEN-22
1-2 May 1978 UCL Internet IEN-33 (not online)
15-16 June 1978 MIT-LCS TCP IEN-68
2-4 August 1978 Lincoln Labs Internet IEN-53
18-19 September 1978 SRI TCP IEN-69
17 October 1978 BBN Gateways IEN-60
30-31 October 1978 SRI Internet IEN-63
4 December 1978 ARPA Internet IEN-70
25-26 January 1979 ISI Internet IEN-76
29 January 1979 ISI TCP IEN-77
12 March 1979 BBN Fault Isolation IEN-104
8-11 May 1979 BBN Internet IEN-106
10-13 September 1979 UCL Internet IEN-121
4-6 February SRI Internet IEN-134
14-15 May 1980 MIT-LCS Internet IEN-145
7-9 October 1980 RSRE Internet IEN-160
28-30 January 1981 ISI Internet IEN-175

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