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The TS05 Tape Transport was a compact, low cost, medium performance, magnetic tape drive for PDP-11 and low-end VAX systems, using industry-standard 9-track tape. It was an auto-loading (auto-threading, using directed air flows), streaming drive (i.e. no vacuum columns or tension arms). It included a formatter, and had microprocessor-controlled electronics in the drive for maintainability (including built-in diagnostics) and high data reliability.

The drive was not made by DEC; it was actually produced by Cipher Data Products. Cipher sold the same device as its own product under the name F880.

The TSV05 Tape Transport Subsystem consisted of a TS05 Tape Transport, and a device controller which plugged into a backplane in the host computer. The drive and controller communicated over an industry-standard bus.

Further reading

  • TSV05 Subsystem Technical Manual (EK-TSV05-TM) - not online
  • TSV05 Field Print Set (MP-01157) - not online

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