TU56 DECtape Transport

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A TU56 drive
Manufacturer: Digital Equipment Corporation
Drive Controller(s): TC08, TD8-E, TC11
Media: DECTape

The TU56 DECtape Transport is an enhanced successor to the TU55 DECtape magnetic tape drive. The usual configuration was dual-drive (referred to as 'dual transport'), but a single-drive version, the TU56H, was available. The TU56M (dual) and TU56HM (single) model included 5 G888 Read/Write Amplifier FLIP CHIPs, for use with device controllers which do not include that functionality.

Card locations and counts

The TU56 contains a small backplane holding a number of FLIP CHIP modules. The module location chart for the TU56 backplane is (starting at the right-hand side, viewed from the board-insertion side):

Slot A B Use
1 G848 Left forward
2 G848 Left reverse
3 G859 G847
4 M941 M922%
5 M531 M113
6 M908 M113
7 M908 M117
8 M040 M302
9 G851%
10 W032#
11 W032#
12 G851%
13 G888* G888*
14 G888* G888*
15 M040 G888*
16 M117 M113
17   M922%
18 M941 G847
19 G848 Right forward
20 G848 Right reverse

(% = Connector)
(# = TU56H only)
(* = Optional, not used in standard controllers)

Module counts

Module counts (drawn from the module count chart, mostly confirmed in the module utilization drawing):

Internals of a TU56 drive
Count Type Description
1 G742# Positive Logic Jumper Card
2& G847 Dual Motor Voltage Control
4& G848 Motor Control
2& G851 Relay
1 G859 Clock Regulator
5 G888* Manchester Reader/Writer (Read/Write Amplifier)
2& M040 Solenoid Driver
3& M113 10x2 Input NAND Gate
2& M117 6x4 Input NAND Gate
1 M302 Dual Delay MV
1 M531# Bus Converter
2 M908 Connector
2& M922 Cable Connector
1 M923* Cable Connector
2& M941% Jumper Card
2 W032 Cable Connector

(& = dual drive; half this in a single drive)
(# = M531 is used with a negative logic controller; G742 with a positive logic controller)
(% = Replaced with a W5l3 when the transport is connected to a relay driver controller)
(* = Optional, not used in standard controllers)

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