TU72 Magnetic Tape Drive

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Tape density: 1600/6250 bpi
Tape speed: 125 ips (Forward/Reverse)
520 ips (Rewind)
Data rate: 200KB/sec (1600)
780KB/sec (6250)
Size: 30"W x 30"D x 66"H
Weight: 1000 pounds

The TU72 Magnetic Tape Drive was a 9-track auto-loading magnetic tape drive sold by DEC. It was OEMed from Storage Technology Corporation; apparently the STC 3650E model. It supported 9-track operation at 1600 bpi (using PE encoding) or 6250 bpi (using GCR encoding).

For use on the PDP-10, it used a TX02 Magnetic Tape Controller, which in turn was connected to a DX10 Data Channel, or a DX20 Programmed Device Adapter.

The tape transport utilized a single capstan, with air bearings, and two vacuum columns.

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