TU77 Magnetic Tape Transport

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TU77 drive
Tape speed: 125 ips (Forward/Reverse)
440 ips max (Rewind)
Size: 27"W x 32"D x 60"H (in cabinet)
Weight: 640 lbs (master)

The TU77 was an auto-loading magnetic tape drive from DEC. It required a controller to connect to the MASSBUS on its host machine. It was used with the TM03, which was normally housed in the cabinet of one of the attached TU77 drives (designated as the 'master'); up to three additional plain TU77 drives (designated as 'slaves') could be connected to that TM03.

It could store 23-46 Mbytes on a 2400' 0.5" wide magnetic tape carried on a standard 10-1/2" reel. The TU77 supported 9-track operation at 800 and 1600 BPI. The tape transport utilizes a single capstan, with twin vertical vacuum columns.

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