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TVEDIT running on the Zeus system.

TVEDIT was the first in a family of full-screen text editor. It was written by Brian Tolliver for the Odin and Zeus time-sharing systems on the Stanford PDP-1.

The full-screen editing features of E was an influence on Richard Stallman and the EMACS editor. Douglas Hofstadter wrote his book Gödel, Escher, Bach using TVEdit on the IMSSS Imlacs in Ventura Hall.

Offspring, all running on the PDP-10, include:

  • TVEdit for the IMSSS TENEX system, displaying on Imlac PDS-1 computers. Written by John Prebus.
  • TV-Edit at IMSSS and SUMEX-AIM, displaying on TEC 400 and Datamedia 2500 video terminals, by Pentti Kanerva.
  • TV for SAIL III and Data Disc displays, by Dan Swinehart.
  • E for Data Disc displays, by Fred Wright, Brian Harvey, Arthur Samuel, Martin Frost, et al.

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