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Because the dz11 driver in 4.3BSD RENO can not work on simh emulator. So I found a walk arround method.That is to use dh11 replace the dz11. I test it and it does function with a bit of flaw.

I use the following code to replace the original dz configration. set dz disable set vh enable set vh0 normal set vh0 modem set vh0 hangup att vh 2311

After this, when the vax emulator run up, you can see some messeges on the process of booting like this

dhu0 at uba0 csr 160440 vec 300, ipl 14 qe0 at uba0 csr 174440 vec 764, ipl 15 qe0: delqa, hardware address 08:00:2b:aa:bb:cc

this mean that the hardware is recognized by virtual machine.

next step, login as root, to make dh11 device node in /dev .

sh /dev/MAKEDEV dhu0

this command will make ttyS0 - ttyS15 device node.

now, you need to modify /etc/ttys to add those termial driver to autoload when system startup next time. the parameters is same with tty01-tty07 in the original ttys file.

At last you could reboot and telnet localhost on port 2311.

you will see the prompt, but there will emerge some flaw (some messed characters). but you can neglect this, and continue input your username and password. then you will get a shell.

Now, I don't know the reason of those messed characters. Any one can continue to explore.

what version of SIMH did you use? I don't see a DH in any of the 3.8-1 vax stuff... Also to 'fix' your 'weird chars' set the line to 7b... for the dz it was "set dz 7b" email me back ( neozeed at gmail dot com) I'd love to hear about adding the DH to SIMH's vax...