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Turing for Lick

It's a major crock that Lick doesn't have a Turing Award. We just never got organized at MIT (his home institution) to press for one. But the way Turing's are given out is (or were, in that era - I don't know about now) semi-disorganized; they didn't do a wide search, etc. The only reason that Corby has one (in 1990, 7 years after Ken and Dennis, who worked in Corby's footsteps) was that I bestirred myself to organize an effort to do so; I remember getting Joel Moses (then head of the CS dept at MIT) to support it. I wonder if they do posthumous Turings (they don't, for Nobels); if they do, I'll have to send an email out to some people and see about organizing one for Lick. Jnc (talk) 14:29, 26 December 2023 (CET)