Tandberg TDV 2200/9

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The Tandberg TDV 2200/9 video terminal was produced by Tandberg Data and sold by Norsk Data (ND) as product number ND246.


The terminal has the following standard interfaces (resident on mainboard):

  • Channel A: V.24, V.11
  • Printer: V.11
  • Keyboard: V.11

Optional interfaces

Optional interface adapters (plug-in boards)

  • Channel A: Current Loop
  • Printer: V.24, Current Loop
  • Channel B: V.24, V.11, Current Loop

Note: the terminal can only have two optional interface adapter boards at the same time.



TDV 2200 Series Hardware manual (product number 961328).

TDV 2200 User's Guide (product number 397262).

TDV 2200 Specifications & Installation Guide (product number 398943).

TDV 2200 Service Manual (product number 961326).


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