ULTRIX Remote Installation Service

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The ULTRIX Remote Installation Service (RIS) allows to install the ULTRIX operating system and the ULTRIX Workstation Software over the network.

The system manager uses the remote installation service (ris) utility to transfer the ULTRIX subsets from the installation media to a directory on the installation server processor. This directory is the network kit.

The server processor must be running the ULTRIX Version 2.0 or higher operating system and should have a minimum of available disk space, e.g. 30 Mbytes for ULTRIX V2.0.

The RIS server must have access to a suitable load device for tape media, e.g. a TK50 or a 9-track magnetic tape drive.

All network bootable processors are supported as network installation clients.

The ris utility performs remote installation services which install system software to a client machine through the TCP/IP local network.


RIS was introduced with ULTRIX V2.0 and carried on to the last ULTRIX version 4.5.

From ULTRIX/RISC V3.0 (the first version to support MIPS processors) onwards you could even have "mixed architecture" RIS:

  • The client machine can be a VAX or a RISC machine.
  • The server on which the remote installation services area is located can be either a VAX or a RISC machine.


For an example see Setting Up RIS on ULTRIX V2.0.