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First computer I ever saw: IBM 704 or (if you count phone systems as computers) a Strowger switch.

Weirdest computer component I ever saw: Dr. Dudley Buck's cryotron, never actually used for building computers.

First home-built computer I ever saw: A bunch of relays and pinball machines someone had in a science fair.

First computer I used: IBM 1620.

First computer I programmed professionally: PDP-8.

First computer I owned: A homebrew PDP-8E in a PDP-8F box that my boss made when he worked at DEC.

What I had eight years ago (2009): 386 architecture, three boxes between four and 12 years old, the newest one running XP, the others running Ubuntu.

What I've got in 2017: 386 architecture running Ubuntu. No Windows boxes at all.