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The VT240 Series terminal was a video terminal from DEC with graphics support. In graphics mode, it could display 800x240 pixels; in text mode, it could display up to 24 lines of text (either 80 or 132 characters per line).

The VT240 supported the Remote Graphics Instruction Set standard; it also had graphics support compatible with the Tektronix 4014. The VT240 also supported the DEC multinational character set. It could also emulate a VT52 or VT100.

The VT240 could be used with either a monochrome or colour monitor. The keyboard was a separate unit; 15 different ones were available. An optional integral modem was also available.

Further reading

  • VT240 Series Installation Guide (EK-VT240-IN-002 - not online)
  • VT240 Integral Modem Installation Guide (EK-VT24X-IN - not online)
  • VT240 Video Terminal Illustrated Parts Breakdown (EK-VT240-IP - not online)

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