Windows NT 3.1 October 1991 beta

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Windows NT October 1991 beta
The October 1991 CD
Creator: Microsoft
Architecture: i386
Date Released: 1991

The build number for this beta is unknown at current time. This release was for the Fall Comdex of 1991. It was a 'rush job' in that the support for the MIPS had broken in this build. Distribution was said to between 200 and 300 CDs.

The kernel is a pure COFF exe, with NT OS/2 string still present in the kernel. The style of the command prompt is still reminisce of OS/2, while the interface looks like a cross between Windows 3.0 and 3.1 betas.

The configuration files give hints of a text mode interface, and the guimode. Also mentioned is the OS/2 subsystem, POSIX, and MS-DOS, however none of these are included.


Microsoft (R) Microsoft 386 C compiler. Version 6.00.080
Copyright (c) Microsoft Corp 1984-1991. All rights reserved.


October 1991 boot.png October 1991 login.png October 1991 desktop.png

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