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KDF11-A CPU, with KTF11-A MMU chip

The KDF11-A CPU is a PDP-11 CPU for the QBUS; it is a dual-width card, the M8186. It uses the same 'Fonz' F-11 chip set as the other KDF11 CPUs.

It contains only the basic CPU, unlike the other KDF-11's: no ROM, no asynchronous serial lines, etc. It does support the optional KTF11-A memory management chip and the KEF11-A floating point chip, but not the KEF11-B PDP-11 Commercial Instruction Set (CIS); for higher performance floating point, the FPF11 floating point processor may be used.

The first version of the KDF11-A (Revision A) only suppported 256 Kbytes of main memory; later versions supported up to 4 Mbytes (but their ODT's address space is limited to 256 Kbytes). In the later models, a bit in the SSR3 CPU register must be set to allow use of more than 256 Kbytes.


A limited amount of configuration can be done with a number of jumpers in various locations (which differ depending on etch revision, with block of eleven in the middle of the card.Their functions are:

Jumper Function In Out
W1 Master Clock Enabled Disabled
W2 Reserved Factory Do not remove
W3 Unknown
W4 Event line Disabled Enabled
W5 Powerup option bit 1
W6 Powerup option bit 2
W7 Halt enable Halt Trap to 4
W8 Bootstrap address 0173000 Yes W9-W15
W09 Bootstrap address bit 9 1 0
W10 Bootstrap address bit 10 1 0
W11 Bootstrap address bit 11 1 0
W12 Bootstrap address bit 12 1 0
W13 Bootstrap address bit 13 1 0
W14 Bootstrap address bit 14 1 0
W15 Bootstrap address bit 15 1 0
W16 Reserved Factory Do not remove
W17 Reserved Factory Do not remove
W18 Wakeup circuit Disabled Enabled

Powerup options are:

W6 W5 Action
Out Out PC from 024, PS from 026
Out In ODT
In Out PC=configuration jumpers
In In Extended microcode (trap to 010 if none)

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