KT11-C Memory Management Unit

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The KT11-C Memory Management Unit is the memory management option for the PDP-11/45. It implements the full PDP-11 Memory Management architecture; in fact, the KT11-C is the archetype for PDP-11 memory management units.

The KT11-C consists of two hex cards:

  • M8107 Segmentation Address Paths

and either:

  • M8108 Segmentation Status Registers


  • M8108-YA Segmentation Status Registers

The M8108 board is found in the KB11-A CPU variant of the -11/45, and the M8108-YA in KB11-D CPU variant.

They both plug into pre-wired slots in the CPU backplane.

When the KT11-C is not present, the CPU must have an M8116 Segmentation Jumper Board present instead.

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