PS/2 model 30

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IBM PS/2 model 30
PS2 model 30.jpg
An IBM PS/2 model 30
Manufacturer: IBM
Year Introduced: 1987
Word Size: 16 bit

This was a desktop i286 computer with ISA slots. It felt to me like a re-polished IBM AT in a PS/2 case. The only thing that stuck out in my mind, was that the model 30 used ESDI drives, as everyone had moved away from MFM/RLL hard disks at that time. The model 30 also used SIMMs instead of DIP chips, and had a cleaner feel to the board. I think it had 4 sockets allowing for 4MB of ram max?

The ones I used were 10MHz 286's with 1MB of RAM, and a 30MB hard disk.

Reference disks for this model can be found here.