BA11-P card cage

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The BA11-P card cage from DEC was used in PDP-11/60 to hold the CPU, main memory and device controllers.

It held hex system unit backplanes, and could contain up to roughly seven standard size (4-slot) system units (the documentation formally specifies six), although the backplane used to hold the CPU was a 14-slot (for the -11/60) unit. The backplanes were mounted vertically, facing forward (like those in the later VAX-11/780.

It was one of the BA11 mounting boxes. It was mounted in an H9500 double-width low-boy corporate cabinet produced by DEC; the BA11-P's (up to two per M9500) swung out for full access, not on slides as with the other BA11's.

The BA11-P used one (optionally two) H7420 Power Supplies, which were separate units, permanently mounted directly in the H9500, below and behind the BA11-P; a power harness connected to the two. The power supply contained up to five DEC standard modular regulators; the harness ended in a power distribution panel containing standard DEC power distribution connectors.

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