Interdata 8/32

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This was the one of the first non DEC machine to run Unix.

According to Richard Miller, "The First Unix Port" The first port began in 1976, at Wollongong, on an Interdata 7/32, 192k-core/2x5Mb disk drives.

In April 28, 1977, Unix version 6 was booting. When Bell Labs was contacted:

In fact there was a surprise on both sides: a team at Bell Labs was in the midst of doing their own port of UNIX to an Interdata 8/32 (a slightly more powerful 32-bit mini-computer). They had begun work at the beginning of 1977 in anticipation of the delivery of their machine in April and had a kernel working by June less than two months after the Wollongong kernel first ran on the bare 7/32.

The Interdata 7/32 and 8/32 were the first 32-bit machines to both run Unix version 6, which had the Interdata 8/32 port becoming the basis for UNIX 7th Edition.

Oddly enough, real information about this machine is near nonexistent, short of the SIMH simulator.

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