KY11-P programmer's console

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KY11-P front panel

The KY11-P Programmer's Console is the front panel for the KD11-K CPU used in the PDP-11/60. It allows a programmer to display and deposit data in main memory, and start, halt and single-step the CPU. If the CPU has the DCS (Diagnostic Control Store), it can be activated.

It consists of a large sub-assembly containing two PCBs, 6 digits of 7-segment displays, and a keypad. It is connected to the CPU by a flat cable which plugs into a Berg header in the console, and in the CPU. The sub-assembly also includes a printed plastic inlay, and a metal bezel which holds the inlay in position

Displays and controls

The display shows memory addresses and data. The 'Run' light indicates that the CPU is executing instructions.

The keypad is used to enter both addresses and data. The 'L(Adrs)' (Load Address), 'Exam' (Examine), 'Dep' (Deposit), 'Start' and 'Continue' keys perform the named function. If the CPU is running, depressing the 'Halt/SI' key stops it; if halted, pressing it performs a single instruction.


Most front panel operations are implemented by microcode in the CPU. Therefore, the CPU must be basically fully functional for the front panel to work.

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