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[[Category: Unix-based OS's]]
[[Category: Unix-based OS's]]

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Only two remote holes in the default install, in a heck of a long time!!
Architecture: multiplatform
Current Version: OpenBSD 6.1 (Apr 11, 2017)
Date Released: 1996

OpenBSD is a fork of NetBSD that is more focused on security and 'correctness' of code. The OpenBSD project is lead by Theo De Radt.


http://www.openbsd.org/ Has all the information for all the relases


Port Name Description
alpha Digital Alpha-based systems
amd64 AMD64-based systems
armish ARM-based appliances (by Thecus, IO-DATA, and others)
hp300 Hewlett-Packard HP 9000 series 300 and 400 workstations
hppa Hewlett-Packard Precision Architecture (PA-RISC) systems
i386 Standard PC and clones based on the Intel i386 architecture and compatible processors
landisk IO-DATA Landisk systems (such as USL-5P) based on the SH4 cpu
mac68k Motorola 680x0-based Apple Macintosh with MMU
macppc Apple New World PowerPC-based machines, from the iMac onwards
mvme68k Motorola 680x0-based VME systems
mvme88k Motorola 881x0-based VME systems
sgi SGI MIPS-based workstations
socppc Freescale PowerPC SoC-based machines
sparc Sun sun4, sun4c and sun4m class SPARC systems
sparc64 Sun UltraSPARC systems
vax Digital VAX-based systems
zaurus Sharp Zaurus C3x00 PDAs


I'd recommend the site http://www.deadly.org/ for articles relating to OpenBSD

Running under emulation

OpenBSD can run under all kinds of emulation. Here are a few I know off hand.

  • i386

VMWare Virtual PC Virtual Server Qemu Bochs.

  • Vax


  • m88k