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Unix System V, Release 3 was released in 1987. The final version was Release 3.2 in 1988.

SVR3 included:

  • Transport Layer Interface (TLI) network API (TCP/IP, sockets, NFS and BSD network tools were added by dictributors)
  • Remote File System (RFS)
  • File System Switch (FSS) virtual file system mechanism
  • 2K file system (optionally)
  • Static shared libraries, early implementation with mkshlib and COFF
  • ID (Installable Drivers) subsystem (actually, kernel re-linking from the set of object files)
  • XENIX compatibility on i386 (and early iBCS compatibility)

Sys V R3 on AT&T 3B2

The AT&T 3B2 computer was a "porting base" for the Release 3. Thanks to Seth J. Morabito an AT&T 3B2/400 Simulator is now a part of SIMH. It can run "real" AT&T UNIX System V Release 3 on the simulator. Source code is also avaialable (but may be a subject to copyright).

It includes full SGS for WE-32000 CPU.

There was also a Wollongong WIN3B TCP/IP software (not AT&T's TCP/IP implementation) for Nicom Interlan 3B2 Ethernet card.

See more at The AT&T 3B2 Computer archive.

Sys V R3 on i386

AT&T Sys V/386

V/386 3.2.3 for AT&T 6386 machine. (Not tested on emulators)

Available at bitsavers.org: binaries

Includes SGS package:

  • C Software Development System 4.1.6 9/26/88

Everex ESIX

Everex ESIX overview: Let's Talk ESIX

Interactive Systems Corporation 386/ix


System V V/386 Release 3.2 made by Interactive Systems Corporation

A blog post about this version.

# uname -a
unix unix 3.2 2 i386

Includes X Window with Motif and Looking Glass desktop developed by Visix Software.

Includes SGS package:

  • C Software Development System 4.1.5 10/3/89

Microport Unix

Microport SYSVR32 boot

Microport's System V/386 3.2.2 made by Microport. Plain vanilla version, very close to AT&T 3.2 sources. No BSD extensions, no X Window. SGS and TCP/IP are not available (yet?).

Available at archive.org: binaries and documentation

May fail on many emulators, it does something strange with emulated VGA. To avoid this, choose a machine configuration with CGA display adaptor.

May fail on emulated i386. Select a i486.

See also: Microport System V about R2 port to i286.


Wyse System V boot

Wyse was a manufacturer of the terminals and multiport serial hardware. Also Wyse was a player on the Unix market. In 2011 an incomplete 5" diskette set was found. Later someone found a more complete distributive on a QIC cassete. In 2015 a challenge to run it in emulator was organized. Finally Wyse Unix was virtualized in 2015.

Like Microport version it has an issues with emulated VGA and i386.

Wyse System V version 3.2.1A

It includes a full SGS Package

  • C Software Development System 4.1.5 3/31/88

Also it includes TCP/IP, BSD networking utilities and man pages set.

Sys V R3 on RS/6000

There was an IBM AIX Version 3 (also known as AIX/6000), based on System V Release 3, for their POWER-based RS/6000 platform.

Sys V R3 on MIPS

MIPS RISC/os was a System V Release 3 for MIPS architecture with BSD extensions.

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