VCB01 Video Controller

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The VCB01 Video Controller (also called the QVSS) is a QBUS bit-mapped display option, providing workstation capability for early VAXstation systems. It uses the Q22 version of the QBUS. The bitmap memory (also called video memory), is 256 kB of MOS RAM, residing in the Q22-bus address space.

It is a quad-height module, the M7602. In the VAXstation I and VAXstation II, a subset (sometimes called the screen memory) of the bit-mapped video memory is displayed on a 48 cm (19 in) monochrome monitor (the VR100 Monochrome Monitor).

The VCB01 relies on the CPU to generate all images stored in video memory.

The VCB01 also provides several basic I/O functions, including:

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