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The CI780 Computer Interconnect Adapter (sometimes referred to by the acronym, CIA) provided a high-performance Computer Interconnect interface for the VAX-11/780 and other machines with a Synchronous Backplane Interconnect. It connects to one CI node directly, or to multiple CI nodes using the SC008 Star Coupler. Using the CIA, information can be transferred at up to 70 Mbits per second with other VAXcluster components.

The DR780 was implemented on four extended hex cards, which mounted in a custom 6-slot backplane (DEC part number 70-17654); the backplane mounted in one 'Option Panel Space' in the CPU cabinet. The boards were:

Slot Board Acronym Function
1 L0104 ISI SBI Interface Module
2 L0102 IDP Data Path Module
3 L0101 IPB Packet Buffer Module
5 L0100 ILI Link Interface Module

Two backplane slots (4 and 6) are unused.

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