DR780 High-Performance Channel Interface

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The DR780 High-Performance Channel Interface provided a high-performance parallel interface, the DR32 Device Interconnect (DDI), for the VAX-11/780, connected to its Synchronous Backplane Interconnect. The DR32 may be used to connect to high-speed customer equipment; alternatively, two may be used to connect two /780's to each other.

A maximum of one DR780 was supported per machine; it could not be installed in a machine which had a MA780 Multiport Memory Option. The DR780 was implemented on four extended hex cards, which mounted in a custom 6-slot backplane (DEC part number 70-16896-0-0); the backplane mounted in one 'Option Panel Space' in the CPU cabinet. The boards were:

Slot Board Acronym Function
1 M8296 DSC SBI Control Module
2 M8297 DCB Control Board
3 M8298 DUP Microprocessor
4 M8299 DSM Silo Module

One slot (5) is unused, and one slot (6) is used (on the back of the backplane) to hold a hex M9046 DR780 Paddle Card, which carries the DR780 input/output on three BC06R flat cables to an 'External I/O Panel' in the back of the cabinet. From there, a BC06V cable connects to the user equipment.

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