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Acronyms from Digital Equipment Corporation. (Listings given in italics are not just DEC acronyms.)

Acronym Meaning
BR Bus Request (UNIBUS)
CBOX Cache Box
CFS Common File System (PDP-10/TOPS-20)
CI Computer Interconnect
CMI CPU/Memory Interconnect
CRD Customer Runnable Diagnostic
CSC Customer Support Center
CSS Computer Special Systems
DBN Diagnostic Block Number
DCL Digital Command Language
DCS Digital Classified Software
DDC Digital Diagnostic Center
DSA Digital Storage Architecture
DSC Disk Save and Compress
DSDF DSA Standard Disk Format
DSR Digital Standard Runoff
DSSI Digital Storage Systems Interconnect
DUP Diagnostic and Utility Protocol
EBOX Execution Box
ECO Engineering Change Order
FRU Field Replacable Unit
IBOX Instruction Box
GPX Graphics Processing Extension
GIDIS General Image Display Instruction Set
JBOX Junction Box
LAD Local Area Disk
LAST Local Area System Transport
LAT Local Area Transport
LAVC Local Area VAXcluster
LBN Logical Block Number
MDM MicroVAX Diagnostic Monitor
MBOX Memory Box
MCR Monitor Console Routine
MDS Maintenance Documentation Service
MSCP Mass Storage Control Protocol
ODS-2 On-disk Structure 2
OTS Object Time System
PPD Port/Port Driver Layer
PPL Periodic Payment License
RBN Replacement Block Number
RCT Replacement/Revectoring Control Table
RDC Digital Remote Diagnosis Center
RMS Record Managment Services
SBB System Building Block
SBI Synchronous Backplane Interconnect
SCA Systems Communication Architecture
SCS Systems Communication Services
SDA System Dump Analyzer
SDB Standard Drive Bus
SDI Standard Disk Interconnect
SDL Structure Definition Language
STI Standard Tape Interconnect
UETP User Environment Test Package
UPI Unique Product Identifier
UQSSP UNIBUS QBUS Storage Systems Port
UWS ULTRIX Worksystem Software
VAXBI VAX Bus Interconnect
VBOX Vector Box
VDS / VAX/DS VAX Diagnostic Supervisor
VUP VAX Unit of Performance
VWS VAX Workstation Software
WCS Writable Control Store
XBN External Block Number
XMI Extended Memory Interconnect