DS11 Multiple Line Synchronous Interface

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The DS11 Multiple Line Synchronous Interface is an early synchronous serial line interface for the UNIBUS; it can handle up to 16 lines.

It consists of a master line scanner, and up to four adapters, each of which can handle up to four lines. Physically, it is a large backplane, mounted in a 19" cabinet such as an H950, along with an DEC indicator panel; each line has a separate quad M7110 Line Control Module.


Register Abbreviation Address
Receiver Status Register RxCSR 775xx0
Receiver Data Buffer Register RxDBUF 775xx2
Transmitter Status Register TxCSR 775xx4
Transmitter Data Buffer Register TxDBUF 775xx6

Line addresses:

  • Line 0: 775400-775406
  • Line 15: 775570-775576

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  • DS11 Multiple Line Synchronous Interface Maintenance Manual (DEC-00-DS11-DB; not available online, but in fiche)

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