DZ11 asynchronous serial line interface

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The DZ11 was a UNIBUS 8 port asynchronous serial line mux card for DEC computers.

It was a hex card, which plugged into an SPC backplane slot, and used programmed I/O. The EIA version was the M7819, and the 20mA was the M7814. The EIA model can operate with modems.

On the M7819, a flat cable led from a Berg connector on the card to an EIA distribution panel holding 16 DB25 connectors, enough for two DZ11 cards.

Accessories for the EIA version are:

  • Cable Box assembly
  • H317-E EIA distribution panel
  • BC05W 50 conductor signal cable
  • H325 test connector (single line)
  • H3271 staggered test connector

For the 20mA, substitute the:

  • H317-F 20mA distribution panel
  • BC08S 40 conductor signal cable
  • H3190 staggered test connector.

Also, the later H3006 distribution panel for the EIA version was part of DEC's modular back-panel system.