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eedsp was a VAX-11/780 running 4.3 BSD NFS Wisconsin Unix. The machine is significant as it seems to be the only site that ran it 'in the wild'.


eedsp's UUCP map entry:

#N    eedsp
#S    Vax 11/780; 4.3+NFS Wisconsin Unix
#O    School of Electrical Engineering
#C    Deborah J. Jackson 
#E    gt-eedsp!deb
#T    +1 404 894 3058
#P    School of EE, Georgia Tech, Atlanta, GA, 30332
#L    84 23 43 W / 33 46 30 N
#W    eedsp!deb (Deb Jackson); Wed Jul 19 11:35:13 EDT 1989
eedsp  gatech(DIRECT), skeeve(DIRECT), kd4nc(DIRECT),
      emory(DIRECT), emoryu1(DIRECT), emoryu2(DIRECT),

eedsp= gteedsp
eedsp= gt-eedsp

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