4.3 BSD NFS Wisconsin Unix

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4.3 BSD
4.3 BSDuwisc.png
Logging into a 4.3 BSD Uwisc system
Type: Multitasking, multiuser
Creator: CSRG, University of California, Berkeley, the University of Wisconsin & SUN.
Architecture: VAX, theoretically portable
This Version: 4.3BSD-Uwisc (1987)
Date Released: 1987

As far as I can tell, this release dates around Jan 20 1987. It never seems to have made mainstream use, and I can only find a single machine that ran it, Eedsp. This release is signifigant in that it incorporated the SunOS NFS code, and a few bits of SunOS to flesh it out. A few people from the University of Wisconsin went on to work for SUN so it's no surprise the amount of Sun source in this release. This release is only for VAXen and runs under SIMH's 11/780 emulator just fine.

How do I get this to run?!

You can download the tape pieces from any TUHS archive spot from the following path /4BSD/Distributions/thirdparty/UWisc4.3/

SIMH Installation instructions

  • Installation instructions for 4.3 BSD +NFS Wisconsin Unix can be found here

What Runs?

For its age, an amazing amount of software will compile and run on this platform.