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The KC11 CPU was the CPU of the PDP-11/15, the OEM version of the PDP-11/20. It was essentially the KA11 CPU of the PDP-11/20, with several minor emendations to justify a lower price:

  • Only one interrupt priority level on the UNIBUS
  • No power fail/restart support

Both the 4-level priority support and power fail/restart were available as options: the KF11-A (M7218) and KP11-A (M7217).

The 'basic' front panel of the PDP-11/15 was the KY11-B; it had only 'power' and 'run' lights, and 'start', 'halt' and 'continue' switches. It could be upgraded to the KY11-C, which was basically identical to the KY11-A Programmer's Console of the KA11, except that it had only 16 address switches, instead of 18.

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