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The TX-0 was a transistor computer (reportedly the first ever built), at the MIT Lincoln laboratory. Predecessor to the TX-2 and an influence on the PDP-1 design. It was in some sense a successor to the Memory Test Computer, itself a spin-off of the pioneering Whirlwind.

External links

  • Bitsavers documents
  • C. Gordon Bell, Gerald Butler, Robert Gray, John E. Mcnamara, Donald Vonada, and Ronald Wilson, The PDP-1 and Other 18-Bit Computers, in C. Gordon Bell, J. Craig Mudge, John. E. McNamara, Computer Engineering: A DEC View of Hardware Systems Design, Digital Press, Bedford, 1978 - Some material on the TX-0, and also covers its descendants (including the PDP-1)
  • The LINC Was Early and Small - lengthy personal memoir by Wesley Clark; it also covers the TX-0