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Tech Square was the nickname for the building at MIT which housed Project MAC, which later split into the AI Lab and the Laboratory for Computer Science (including the Dynamic Modeling, Mathlab, and Macsyma Consortium groups). The machine room was on the top (9th) floor.


Floor plan

Later on, space around the outer walls where CTSS/Multics machines used to be was turned into enclosed offices; the remainder of that space was use to hold the MIT-MC KL10 ITS machine.

The MIT-XX DECSYSTEM-20 TOPS-20 machine was installed where it says '1401'. The MIT-DM KA10 ITS machine was between the DM PDP-6 and the MIT-ML KA10 ITS machine, and also along the outer wall behind the PDP-6.

The ARPANET IMPs were along the outer wall where it says '1401'.

As the other end, the offices 919-922 were done away with, and that all became open raised floor, initally holding various robot arms, the Xerox Graphics Printer, etc, etc; later CADR Lisp Machines were there. The AI ITS KA10 was later replaced with the MIT-OZ TOPS-20 DECSYSTEM-20.