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This template is for any VAX computer system.

name                    = the name of the system
Announcement            = Announcement date
FRS-date                = First revenue ship date
FCS-date                = First customer ship date
Last-order              = Last order date
Last-ship               = Last ship date
EOSL                    = End of service life
Codename                = Codename
Desc-name               = Descriptive name
Sys-class               = System class
OS-support-VMS          = Range of VMS versions that support this system
OS-support-MDM          = Range of MDM releases that support this system
OS-support-ELN          = Range of VAXELN releases that support this system
OS-support-ULTRIX       = Range of ULTRIX versions that support this system
CPU-name-VMS            = CPU name as reported by ANALYZE/ERROR under VMS
CPU-name-console        = CPU name as reported by the console
CPU-module              = The CPU module
Module                  = The system module part number
Num-proc                = Number of processors
VMS-CPU                 = The hexadecimal value returned by the DCL function F$GETSYI("SID") under VMS.
VMS-XCPU                = The hexadecimal value returned by the DCL function F$GETSYI("XSID") under VMS.
SID                     = The System Identification register
XSID                    = The System Extended Identification register
CPU-chip                = The chip that implements the I-box (CPU)
FPU-chip                = The chip that implements the F-box (FPU)
CPU-technology          = The technology with which the CPU is fabricated
CPU-cycle               = The CPU cycle time
CPU-clock               = The CPU clock rate
CPU-clock-rate          = The raw clock that is supplied to the CPU
Vector-processor        = Vector processor
Instruction-buffer      = Instruction prefetch queue size
Translation-buffer      = The CPU translation buffer size
Control-store           = Microcode control store details
Gate-delay              = Gate delay
WCS                     = Writable Control Store
UWCS                    = User Writable Control Store
Cache                   = Cache
Primary-cache           = Primary cache
Secondary-Cache         = Secondary cache
Backup-cache            = Backup cache
Compatibility-mode      = Whether compatibility mode is implemented or not
Console-processor       = Console processor
Console-device          = Console storage device
Firmware-version        = Firmware version
Console-speed           = Console speed
CPU-names               = For a multiprocessor system, the list of possible CPU designations
Minimum-memory          = Minimum memory
Maximum-memory          = Maximum memory
Physical-address-lines  = The number of physical address lines
Memory-checking         = Memory checking
Memory-cycle            = Memory cycle
on-board-memory         = On-board memory
Max-I/O-throughput      = Max I/O throughput
BUS-SBI                 = SBI bus details
BUS-MASSBUS             = MASSBUS details
BUS-UNIBUS              = UNIBUS details
BUS-Qbus                = Q-bus details
BUS-vaxbi               = VAXBI bus details
BUS-XMI                 = XMI bus details
BUS-LSB                 = Laserbus details
BUS-FB                  = Futurebus details
BUS-TC                  = TURBOchannel bus details
BUS-DSSI                = DSSI bus details
BUS-SCSI                = SCSI bus details
LAN-support             = Ethernet support details
VUPs                    = VAX Units of Performance
SPECmarks               = SPECmark details
TPC-A                   = TPC-A details
SPECint89               = SPECint89 details
SPECfp89                = SPECfp89 details
SPECint92               = SPECint92 details
SPECfp92                = SPECfp92 details
SPECint95               = SPECint95 details
SPECfp95                = SPECfp95 details
Graphics Option         = VAX Graphics Option